Snowball Narrative Writing

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Snowball narrative writing is a very exciting activity that get students up and moving! My students LOVE to write narrative stories using the snowball method. It is called snowball for two different reasons. First, the students will actually be throwing paper snowballs. Second, when you make snowballs, they grows bigger as your roll them in the snow. In this activity students will be building narrative stories one layer at a time.

Click here to download snowball narrative writing pages for primary and intermediate levels.


  1. Give each student a snowball page. Instruct them to write the first part of the story.
  2. When they are finished, have students crumple the page into a snowball.
  3. Play some music and let students have a snowball fight. How fun!
  4. When the music stops, have students take just one snowball back to their seats.
  5. Students should read what was written and write the next section of the story.
  6. Go back to step 2 and continue until the story has been completed.
  7. Have a few students share the finished stories. Students may also publish and illustrate the stories.

This is a super fun narrative writing activity to do for seasons and holidays. It is an excellent party day activity, because while being fun and engaging it also builds writing skills. Matching the music for the holiday or season adds to the fun.!


Pull and Peek Book

untitledCreating exciting published projects is a great way for students to celebrate and share their writing. This pull and peek book is a winner with students of all ages. It is made with just one sheet of paper.  Students decorate the cover and write their story or report on four inside pages. When the first and third pages are pulled, an image appears. The pull and peek book is super easy to make and can be used in a variety of different ways.

Click here for written directions, video directions, and many more exciting ways to use the pull and peek book.

Informational Reading and Writing with Adventure Brochures

Here is an exciting informational reading activity. Collect a variety of adventure brochures from hotel lobbies and tourist centers. You can also encourage students to collect brochure when they go on trips. Have students choose a brochure of an adventure that interests them. Students can read the brochure and complete the writing and drawing activity. This is a great open-ended activity for literacy centers and also for homework. Click here to download these adventure writing frames.

adventure examples small.jpg

Body Switch Writing Project

body-switchHere is one of the favorite writing projects for all grade levels.

Print a variety of faceless bodies on plain paper. Have each student choose a body and glue their own photo on the body. Then students can color the setting around the body. This is a great springboard for writing a fictional narrative. Have students plan the characters, setting, problem, events and ending for the story and then complete the writing process. This page can be used for the cover of the published book.

Click here for some faceless bodies to download.


“Something From Nothing” Magic Book


Something From Nothing is a wonderful story about a grandfather who makes his grandson, Josef, a blanket.  As Josef grows and the blanket wears out, the grandfather recycles it, turning it into a jacket, a vest, a tie and, finally, a cloth-covered button. But when Joseph loses the button, even his grandfather cannot make something from nothing.

Magic Book Project
Follow these directions to make a magic book. Have students create a blanket, jacket, vest, tie, handkerchief and button from the same color of construction paper to glue into the sections of the book. Students can draw and tell the ending of the story inside the magic panel. Have student decorate the cover and the inside flaps.

s from n 1

s from n 2s from n 3


Vampire Bat Writing Project


BAT 1This is a fun informative writing project that uses several iPad apps along with art supplies. This project can also be made the old fashioned way with writing paper, pencils and crayons.

The pages for this vampire bat burrito book were made with the Book Creator. The pages were saved to the camera roll and then printed and glued in the book.

The QR code on the back of the book was made at QR Code Monkey where you can put an image inside of a QR code. The QR code has a link to National Geographic video about vampire bats.

The bat body page labeling the parts was created with Educreations, then it was printed and glued in the book.

The author page was tagged in the Aurasma app, which is now HP Reveal, and will display a video of the author telling about himself when viewed with the app. It looks very cool, because the author in the photo comes to life and starts talking…very Harry Potter like!

Click here to download the bat template.  This book making method is called a burrito book. Click here for the burrito book directions.

vampire bat book

bat 2bat 4