Light Up Math Game for the Holidays

light up mathHere is a super fun holiday math game to practice addition and subtraction facts to 20 or multiplication and division facts to 100.  The only materials needed are crayons, one board game and two moving pieces. Follow my TPT to receive notice of more of these math games for different holidays!

Directions for Two Players:

  1. Each player chooses a different color of crayon.
  2. The first player places the moving pieces on two numbers at the bottom of the page. The player adds or multiplies the numbers and colors a light bulb with the answer.
  3. The next player may move only one moving piece to a different number. The moving pieces may also be on the same number. This player colors the bulb with the answer. Players continue to take turns in this manner.
  4. The goal is to color in five bulbs in a row while blocking the other player from getting five in a row.  If the player wants the 18 bulb, they must figure out which numbers will get them to 18 using their subtraction or division skills.

Click here to download the Light Up Math game boards.

I hope your students enjoy this game!

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Seed Planting Activity

Here is a super exciting seed planting activity where students create a Garden in a Glove. Students plant seeds in an inexpensive plastic glove. They can watch the seeds sprout and the stems and roots start to grow.

 Materials Needed:     

  • clear plastic food service gloves                                                                                         
  • several types of seeds                                                               
  • cotton balls and water
  • Sharpie pen  

1. With a sharpie pen write the name of each seed on the fingers of the plastic glove.
2. Moisten a cotton ball (it should not be dripping wet) and put a few seeds on it. Poke the cotton ball into the finger tip of the glove with a pencil.
3. Seeds will stay wet and do not need sunshine yet. Students can keep them at their desks and watch the seeds sprout.
4. In 1-2 weeks the seeds will sprout, and they can be transplanted. When transplanting cut off the finger tips of the gloves and take out the plant.  Plant with cotton ball and all, in a container filled with soil and set in a sunny place.5. Students can record the measurements and observations of their plants in a glove FB.jpg

Plastic Egg Math Games

Collect bags of plastic eggs and make some super fun math centers for students in grades K-5. Each game can be adapted for different math levels.

egg math pics.jpg


1. Write problems and answers on plastic poker chips (available at the dollar store).

2. Hide the poker chips under plastic eggs halves and mix them up. 

3. Students play the Memory game by picking up two egg halves. If the numbers are a match, they may keep the poker chips. If not, they cover the numbers and the next player takes a turn

SHAKE AND ROLL                                                                                                                                1. Spray paint once side of giant lima beans.

2. Write numbers on the eggs.

3. Students place that many beans in the egg.

4. Students shake the egg, open it and roll out the beans.

5. Primary students will write down the different ways to make eight by counting how many red and white sides they see on each roll.

6. Intermediate level students will write the fractions they see with each roll.

COIN COUNT                                                                                                                                          1. Write numbers on the eggs.

2. Fill eggs with coins depending on the level of your students.

3. Create an answer sheet with the amount of money in each numbered egg.

4. Students will take an egg, open it  and count the coins. They should write the number of the egg on a sheet of paper and how much money is in the egg. Then they take another egg.

5. When students are done they can check their answers on the answer sheet.

TWIST A FACT                                                                                                                                        1. Write facts on the eggs as shown.

2. Have students work with a partner as they twist one side of the egg and see how quickly they can say the answer.

Back To School Activities

QR talking bookWow! It’s that time of year again to go back to our classrooms! Here is a fun way to have students introduce themselves in a talking book. Students can add a written paragraph to the talking page or add a QR code with their voice recording. Click here for instructions on how to make this project as well as many more back to school ideas.


Summer Classroom Activities

beach gameboard smallSummer is my absolute favorite time of year! I love the warm weather, flower gardens, green grass, lazy days and of course a summer vacation! Here is a board game with cards on which you can add your own questions, sight words, problems, etc. Perfect for summertime skill practice!  Click here for the directions as well as more summer classroom activities.