Retelling Literature and Information Text with Story Gloves


Story gloves are a “hands on” approach for retelling a story with visual clues. Using the story gloves helps students successfully construct meaning from text and also helps them identify the difference between literature and informational text.

Informational Text Story Glove: Talk about the main idea from text then each supporting idea

Literature Story Glove: Talk about the characters, setting, problem, events and ending of the story. (Ending card is on back of glove)

story-gloves-writingHow to Use Story Gloves

  • Modeling: The teacher reads a story to the students then puts on the story glove and retells the story, pointing to the visuals on the glove.
  • Interactive: The visuals for the story glove are placed in a bag. After the teacher reads a story students take turns drawing a visual from the bag and telling about that part of the story. Then the student can attach the visual to the glove.
  • Small Group: Students are divided in small groups with a book and a glove. Assign one student to be the leader. Students read the story together or listen to a story on a tape recorder. Then the leader puts on the story glove and uses it to guide the discussion of the story.
  • Independent: Have story gloves available at the class library for students to use when reading independently or with a buddy.
  • Writing: Have students write the retelling of the story on a paper story glove.

Click here for Story Glove directions, colored images, and writing black lines.

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