Using Plickers in the Elementary Classroom

plickersPlickers is a fun, easy and free app which quickly assesses student knowledge. Best of all… only one smart device is required! At teachers assign each student a number and print a set of Plickers cards. Each student is given a Plicker card with his or her assigned number. The black image on the card is different for each student. If you look closely at the Plicker card on the left, you will see it is card #3. On each side of the card you see letters A-D. The letters are small, so the students cannot tell what other students are answering. For younger students you can print the cards in a larger font and write large letters A-D on the back of the card. When students  are asked a question, they hold up the card with the answer on the top. Using the Plickers app on a smart device the teacher scans all the cards. The app shows the teacher all the names and answers. Very simple for the teacher, and the kids love it! Here are some ways to use Plickers in the elementary classroom:

  1. Exit Ticket: At the end of the school day  have students answer questions about what they learned during the day. What a simple and quick daily assessment!
  2. Vocabulary Quiz: Multiple choice quizzes where the students choose the definition of a word are a perfect way to pre-assess and post-assess vocabulary knowledge.
  3. Information Text Reading: Before reading informational text give the students multiple choice questions about the topic. Scan their answers, but don’t tell them the answers. Have students search for the correct answers during the reading. This is a very effective way to get students excited and engaged in informational text.
  4. Opinions: Conduct a quick poll about student opinions on certain topics. The graph created by the app can be printed and shared.
  5. Parent Survey:  Survey the parents on different topics during a parent night with some multiple choice questions. Examples: What subject does your child like the best? When is the best day for you to come to conferences? How often does your child read at home?
  6. Quick Quizzes: Quizzes can be given spontaneously through out the day. You can plan the questions ahead of time on the app or website, or you can just ask questions on the fly. The possibilities are endless!

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