Seven Best iPad Apps for Teachers and Students

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ipad centeresDuring the past year I have taught many iPad conference sessions, seminars and workshops. I am often asked about my favorite iPad apps for teachers and students. My seven favorite iPad apps were chosen for quality and versatility. These top notch iPad apps can be used at any grade level and for any subject. They greatly enhance learning and motivation. So…..drum roll… are my top seven favorite iPad apps for teachers and students:

1. Keynote – This is the Apple app for presentations. It is so easy to use on the iPad. Teachers can create or find ( a vast variety of classroom presentations with animations, photos, videos, links, etc. Powerpoint presentations will download into Keynote. Students can also use Keynote for a variety of class projects. I love how presentations are automatically saved in the Cloud, so they don’t use up too much iPad storage.

2. Aurasma – This is a super augmented reality app! It combines the real world with the digital world. You really have to see how it works to understand. You can tag any paper image with a video on your iPad. When you view the paper image through the Aurasma app, the video will play on top of the image….very Harry Potter like! It is so amazing and can be used with a variety of different projects.

3. Tellagami – This is a favorite video creation app. You choose and dress an avatar, then choose a background image. You record your voice and the app creates a video of the avatar moving and talking with your voice. The video can be saved in the camera roll. Great for giving directions and all kinds of reports.

4. Book Creator – There are many book making apps available, but this is by far my favorite. You can easily add text, videos, handwriting, photos and arrange them on each book page. The whole book can then be saved as a PDF file, to email or to print. The best feature is being able to save the book in iBooks to share with other readers.

5. QR reader – Okay, I admit that I am QR crazy! There is SO much you can do with QR codes such as scavenger hunt games, checking answers, sending students to the appropriate websites, listening to voice recordings and more! See my post about QR code voice recordings.

6. Explain Everything – There are many whiteboard apps that are free, and they are very useful. Explain Everything is not free, but it is my favorite whiteboard app, because you can create a whiteboard presentation with video, photos, drawings, etc and then save it to the camera roll. The other whiteboard apps save within the app and not to the camera roll. Once it is saved in camera roll, you can use it in Keynote, Book Creator, Aurasma or make a Qr code for it.

7. iMovie – This is the easiest movie editor ever! Right on the ipad you can edit camera roll videos, Tellagami or Explain Everything videos and even group several of them together and make one movie. This makes a great presentation for parent night.

So there you have my list of the seven best iPad apps for teachers and students. I realize that other teachers and presenters might have a different list of favorite apps. There are so many great apps available!


2 thoughts on “Seven Best iPad Apps for Teachers and Students

  1. RaNae Bennett says:

    Mary…I’m your blast from the past roomie when we very first started teacher. I love your work and the apps and IPads information are spectacular. I’ll be passing this on!

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